The AbilityOne Program provides employment opportunities to more than 40,000 people and is the largest single provider of jobs for people who are blind or have other significant disabilities in the United States. The AbilityOne Program uses the purchasing power of the federal government to buy products and services from participating, community-based nonprofit agencies nationwide dedicated to training and employing individuals with disabilities.


Tresco offers a variety of skilled and unskilled AbilityOne positions, e.g. trades helpers, electricians, custodian, grounds maintenance, office and clerical, cafeteria workers and cooks.


As a participant of the AbilityOne program, Tresco is required to employ people who meet the Ability One’s definition of “Significantly Disabled” for certain number of Direct Labor jobs.  The AbilityOne’s definition of significant disabled is:

“A person who has a severe physical or mental impairment (a residual, limiting condition resulting from an injury, disease, or congenital defect) which so limits the person’s functional capabilities (mobility, communication, self care, self-direction, work tolerance or work skills) that the individual is unable to engage in competitive employment over an extended period of time (41CFR51).”

If you apply for an AbilityOne position Tresco will need to evaluate medical diagnosis and extent of disability.  It is important that you authorize the release of medical information to us and for you or your medical provider to submit medical diagnosis and extent of disability to our Administrative Services Department.  Tresco can provide your medical provider assistance in writing appropriate medical documentation.  Certification of disability from state, federal and other government may be appropriate for documentation.  This information is used as part of Tresco’s evaluation to determine whether you meet the Ability One requirements and whether you qualify for the AbilityOne program.  Medical information is only used to determine whether you meet the AbilityOne requirements.  Information will not become a part of your application file or, if offered employment, your personnel file.


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If you would like to explore employment opportunities with Tresco, please view our current openings or contact:


Tresco Administrative Services

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Tresco’s Title VI Notice to the Public

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