Community Living

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Community Living Services provide individuals with the support needed to live meaningful lives in the community.  These services may include assistance with skill building or the provision of support in:


• Informed choice and decision making

• Money and personal finance management

• Meal planning and preparation

• Health promotion, monitoring and maintenance

• Personal care

• Housekeeping, shopping, laundry, transportation

• Recreation, social and leisure activities planning and participation

• Assistance or administration of medications

• Medical care acquisition

• Nursing services

• Self-advocacy

• Use of adaptive equipment

• Communication, and

• Therapies


Community Living Services are based on the individual’s needs, preferences, dreams and aspirations and are designed to assist individuals become contributing members of the community, live as independently as possible and build meaningful relationships with others. They are developed through the team process with consideration to available funding. Community Living Services are provided in a variety of settings.


Supported Living services are provided to individuals who require up to 24 hours of support in homes the individuals rent or purchase, located in safe neighborhoods.  These homes are well maintained and are decorated to reflect the individual’s preferences.  Typically individuals live with two or three housemates that make living more affordable but each person is assured the privacy of his or her own room.   Nursing and medical support are important parts of service delivery in Supported Living.  The medical support team communicates with physicians and other licensed professionals, coordinates health care and treatments, manages orders, lab values/specialty tests, and ensures receipt of medications.  A registered dietitian is available to provide nutritional counseling when clinically necessary.


Customized In-Home supports are provided to those individuals whose skills are such they require minimal supports.  These services may be provided in their family home or in a home or apartment they purchase or rent.


Family Living Services are furnished for up to 24 hours a day.  The caregiver(s) is usually a companion, surrogate or natural family member.  Tresco works with families who are providing these paid supports by offering required trainings and support and strives to make sure the needs of the individuals receiving services are being met.


A 24-hour on call system provides emergency backup support to assure the health and safety of the individuals and support staff.   Health services are triaged by a nurse 24/7 365 days a year.


Who is Eligible?


The receive services the individual must:


• Have mental retardation or a specified related condition and a developmental disability that began before age twenty-two

• Needs a combination of special interdisciplinary services that are lifelong or of an extended duration and are individually planned

• Meets New Mexico Medicaid financial and medical criteria for care and be allocated for service by the Developmental Disabilities Support Division of the New Mexico Department of Health

• Be a resident of New Mexico


Persons who are interested must complete a Waiver Registration Form at the Department of Health.  This form requests basic applicant and guardian identifying information and the kinds of services needed.  Once the Registration Form is processed the individual and their families will receive a packet that requests more detailed information on the individual to determine whether the person meets the eligibility requirements.  If the individual is found medically eligible for services, they will be placed on the Central Registry, which is a computerized system where all eligible persons are listed.  When funding is available, the individual will be allocated and can begin the planning and financial eligibility process to obtain services.


To apply for services, please contact us.





Tresco’s Title VI Notice to the Public

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